Holly Johnson-Wallace
As I walked into Primal Coffee recently I was taken aback by how lovely the shop itself is. All the homemade touches with the mugs are so lovely. The sandwiches and coffee were so delicious and wonderful, and the place itself was neat, tidy and had a pleasant vibe. The staff were all so nice and helpful. They seriously got the best iced coffee in town. I dream about that iced coffee paired with one of their delicious sandwiches. This place is truly one of the best coffee shops in Boise!
Gabriel Martineau
All I can say is this is my NEW coffee shop. The owner turned me onto the primo coffee and man is it delicious. The coffee is not bitter unlike some other big brands, cough SB. They roast there own coffee in house and the beans I believe are Vietnamese and the coffee is delicious recommend getting the primo coffee with the nitro cream on top can't get enough of this stuff.
Joseph Shanks
That was a tasty coffee, for sure. And the staff is friendly enough. The building they are in is unassuming, but there’s a nice ambience inside. It looked like they made their own mugs? That was kind of a fun part of the experience. I will go there again for sure, it’s on my way to Ann Morrison Park which I regularly visit.
Kreed Kleinkopf
If you want an amazing cup of coffee and some tasty pastries when you're on the Boise bench, check out Primal Coffee! Austin runs the shop and roasts his own beans. They really know what makes a great cup of coffee! Definitely worth seeking this shop out!
Anna Hudson
We were stoked that Primal Coffee finally opened a location. We’ve been drinking their coffee at the Farmer’s Market for years! They roast their own beans and make an exceptional cup of coffee ☕️ the vibe in the space is unlike any other coffee shop we’ve been to in the Treasure Valley. We drop in weekly, it’s so delicious!
Renee LaFayette
Primal coffee knocks it out of the park! Awesome artisanal coffee and such a cool vibe. Food was phenomenal too- I had a croissant sandwich. Austin, the owner, is so friendly and kind. My new fave coffee spot in Boise.
Jordan Hodges
PRIMAL! Great new shop. Been buying his coffee for years at markets and he final opened a shop. Coffee is unique. Roasted over fire in a traditional way (primal) gives the coffee a dark and Smokey flavor but very smooth! One of my favs. Shop has a great vibe with great pastries. You need to stop here.
Jay Zarate
We ran into these guys at a food market and they have amazing coffee beans roasted over wood. highly recommend